Pulicat National Matriculation School, Pulicat (Formal School, Started from 1988).

  • Started from 33 students with English medium. Now nearly 800 have been studying.

Empowerment of Community Through People participation.

  • Livelihood Promotion for Poor Families – Skill Development and Income Generation Activities, Strengthening of Community Linkages for people development, Community Development (Adult and Children), Women & Youth Empowerment, Environment Protection including climate change education and Green village programme, Community Health, Literacy for women and child, Skill Training, Special Programmes, Human Resource Development, Movement Building, Land based Activities, Like Skill Education for Adolescents) (20 to 30 villages)

Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation Project (TNWDP)

  • Worked with about 450 SHG groups from 90 villages in 13 village panchayat and Ponneri Town Panchayat

Mangrove Conservation & Community Development Programme

  • Mangrove Rehabilitation and Restoration in Pulicat Lake & Ennore region
  • Income Generation Activities (Fishing Nets, Cattle Rearing, Skill Development Training, Cash Crops farming)
  • Awareness on water and sanitation – 100 Toilet construction with water facilities through new common wells and fore wells
  • Mangrove Ecology & Climate Change Mitigation and adaptation education programmes and activities
  • Developed environment education Centre, for school children and parents, Pulicat
  • Species inventory collection by staff and students from mangrove fields and Pulicat Lake
  • Improvement/ Protection activities for Pulicat Lake Biodiversity with people participation (sangams)
  • Collaboration with state govt. agencies, private organisations, research institutions and Community Based Organisation (SHGs, Sangams, Panchayat Level Federation, youth groups, mangrove clubs)
  • Environment Education for students/adults (Training, Workshops, Seminars, Exhibition, Drawing competitions, Field exposure & wall painting.
  • Skill training programme – Tailoring and hand craft making (143 youth and women benefited)

BIO Gas project

  • Survey conducted and documented for 8000 families nearly 200 villages in Tiruvallur District