Pulicat National Matriculation School, Pulicat (Formal School, Started from 1988).

  • Started from 33 students with English medium. Now nearly 800 have been studying.

Mangrove Conservation & Community Development Programme

  • Mangrove Rehabilitation and Restoration in Pulicat Lake & Ennore region
  • Income Generation Activities (Fishing Nets, Cattle Rearing, Skill Development Training, Cash Crops farming)
  • Awareness on water and sanitation – 100 Toilet construction with water facilities through new common wells and fore wells
  • Mangrove Ecology & Climate Change Mitigation and adaptation education programmes and activities
  • Developed environment education Centre, for school children and parents, Pulicat
  • Species inventory collection by staff and students from mangrove fields and Pulicat Lake
  • Improvement/ Protection activities for Pulicat Lake Biodiversity with people participation (sangams)
  • Collaboration with state govt. agencies, private organisations, research institutions and Community Based Organisation (SHGs, Sangams, Panchayat Level Federation, youth groups, mangrove clubs)
  • Environment Education for students/adults (Training, Workshops, Seminars, Exhibition, Drawing competitions, Field exposure & wall painting.
  • Skill training programme – Tailoring and hand craft making (143 youth and women benefited)