CReNIEO has brought out to its credit numerous publications, books, research papers, seminar reports and monographs. CReNIEO’s in house publishing expertise are:
This is a publication, which outline the need for a radical outlook at the economic system and economic discipline, thereupon arguing that these can be made a part of a multiphase change process that promotes quality of life and human well being.
This book contains a collection of carefully selected and suitably edited speeches of Mr. S.L.Khruana, former Governor of Tamil Nadu, which also includes a storehouse of information packed with practical advice and suggestions.
This book outlines the backdrop of the evolution of the concept of new international economic order, which also looks at the rational alternative for management of global resources. It attempts to redefine economics as a system of social management of resources with a relationship between material and ethical ends as well as scarce means which have alternative uses, there upon adapting Lionel Robin’s well known definition of economics.
This is a collection of scholarly papers presented at a seminar in January 1981. It is a pioneering effort even in 1981 serious discussions on their absence both within and outside India
This is a collection of papers prescribed at the Fourth Annual Session of Association of Economists in Tamil Nadu during 1987. The papers cover the contours of the new international economic order related to poverty, public expenditure and studies of the village economy.
The book deals with the various aspects of economic growth and development policy initiatives and development.
This publication is multi-faceted covering as it does many aspects of the social order, philosophy, religion, culture, economics, sociology, education, research, ecology and the quality of life.
This project report was brought out under the auspices of the Indian Council of Social Science Research. The project was carried out under the able guidance and direction of Dr. K. Rajartnam, Director of CReNIEO. The report examines the issues related to the transfer of technology among the SAARC countries.
This is an in-depth analysis of conditions which hamper development of technology in appropriate directions in the third world countries in general and of India in particular.
This is an abridged version of an Endowment Lecture series delivered by Dr. M. Naganathan in the University of Madras in 1986.
This is a preliminary report of the conference that had deliberated on India’s Debt Crisis with active participation and contribution from eminent economists.
This is an elaborate case study of the weaker sections’ integrated development project that was undertaken in Koraput District of Orissa. This study had in many ways been considered a model case study of grass root effort in eradicating rural poverty.

Rural dairying, rural poultry farming (Mr. I. D. Mantranurti)


Koraput Project, CReNIEO


The monograph captures in brief the efforts made by the integrated rural development for weaker sections in Koraput District. It briefly outline the efforts made in the specific areas of development, education, health education, nutrition and other economic projects.


Statement and

Recommendations of the National Consultation on the Prasar Bharati Bill on the Autonomy of the Electronic Media April 27-29, 1990 Madras


The monograph relates to the conference organized by CReNIEO which was attended by some of India’s leading communication personalities.

This is a lucid exposition of trade and training, it pleads for a totally new approach to training activities according to priorities in non-traditional sectors and appropriate technology.
The publication deals with the economics of higher education in Tamil Nadu.
This is a paper presented by the author at the Albert Einstein Congress on Peace, at Malta, Europe in August 1986.
The book deals with the historical methods and techniques of historical research.
This book contains an exposition of Gandhian Economics as a reliable method to poverty eradication

This book deals with the so called tiger economics of East Asia.


A LIFE’S JOURNEY TOWARDS A JUST SOCIETY –Commemoration volume on the occasion of Dr. K. Rajaratnam’s 80th birthday celebrations. August -2000 (Edited by Dr. K. P. Krishna Shetty)

This book studies the impact of CReNIEO development project in Pulicat, Yercaud and in Koraput, Orissa

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